I love Winter. Whilst it’s a terrible time for my poor circulation (my toes and fingers!), I find it to be one of the most quietly calming times of the year. We tend to ponder indoors a little more, nature’s also having a little rest before blooming out in Spring and it’s just at the point where we may start to feel a little restless with where we’re at. A time to reflect and regenerate for the next part of the year. Just having returned from an absolutely amazing road trip from Melbourne to Adelaide and it’s surrounding regions, I was able to reflect on a few things that I need to recalibrate, now. Whilst I know I go on about the “simple things” in life, I’m also very well aware that I’m not one to commit to this – as much as I yearn to. Well, after traversing throughout endless sweeping canola fields, spiny vineyards, mountainous seas of green and grey, nothing has spoken to me more loudly than ‘natural simplicity’. I need to find warmth and inspiration within my surroundings, and I feel so blessed to have been on the journey that we took and to have seen the ruggedness and rawness of where we travelled.

It’s a such a lesson to realise we (and some of our worries) are just so small in comparison to what else is present within a moment. It’s not a view for everyone, nor does it fit every situation of course, but it’s something that greatly settles the overwhelming feeling of lead-winged butterflies in my stomach when I’m anxious, completely unsettled and lost within my own mind – which I’ll be honest, something I’ve been feeling for quite awhile.

One of my favourite moments during our trip, was visiting Port Fairy. We arrived into the town after driving for about 3.5 hours, and it was almost dusk. We drove to one of the beaches and watched about 10 surfers playing with the surf; or rather we watched the surf playing with them, whilst the sun set beyond the hills behind us. The smell of the ocean, the pure natural enjoyment of those surrounding us, was just so simply beautiful. And the breath I took felt like the first I’d takenĀ for the past 3 months. Such a freeing moment. The below photo doesn’t give itĀ justice, but it’s nice reminder to look back on and remember. It’s for me. Port Fairy