Today’s Tune – Endless Summer

Josh Pyke & Elana Stone cover Endless Summer by the Jezabels (Triple J Like a Version)

I figured I’d post a song today that reflected the end of my summer break. How fitting! I love this cover by Josh Pyke and Elana Stone. It’s already such a fantastic song and to hear it performed differently by two brilliant musicians (and with accordion!) is pretty special. Coupled with the fact that I absolutely LOVE and ADORE amazing covers that make me reminisce my own musical endeavours, it’s just another thing to help keep me motivated. Oh, the yay!

Heading back to work tomorrow will be a good thing and I’m looking forward to jumping in, head first.

Side Note: Progress report for today’s ‘Get Shit Done’ list

  • Make frittata using crazy amount of kale left-over from veggie box 
  • Doctor’s appointment
  • Coffee (duh)
  • Trek to Richmond (yay, adventure times)
  • Mandatory ‘clean everything before returning to work in order to feel organised and complete’ on first day back
  • Pack bag and get ‘stuff’ organised for first day back

Conclusion: On track but need to stay focused or I will fall in a heap by 3pm and end up watching ‘The Doctors’ on Channel 10. Not ideal nor helpful.