good morning

I have a busy but great day ahead of me. I would have liked to get it started a little earlier, but oh well. I guess I just need to saviour these mornings of calm before work begins again next week. I started to put together a rough timetable for myself so I could map out exactly when and what I plan to get done during particular times of the day. It’s nothing too crazy (I promise!) but just an outline for myself to follow in order to maximise my time and also keep me centred and purposeful. Whilst I have always been a ‘morning person’, I was finding it really difficult last year to continually begin my days feeling refreshed, relaxed and organised. I had no routine, coffee was my breakfast, I didn’t organise lunches (not to mention even care that I can’t eat particular foods due to my fructose issues) and I wasn’t exercising.
As a primary teacher, I feel that me looking after myself is a pretty important aspect to prioritise – obviously for my own health, but to also be a good example for the kids that I will be teaching. I’ve never been too good at putting my health or myself first so hopefully I’m starting off in the right direction!


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